Sol Anzorena

Sol Anzorena comes to us from Argentina, by way of the world! Her evocative and heartfelt work with art is rivalled only by her music. We’re thrilled to have her here at the PeaceWorks KC Art Show for 2020!


I was born in Argentina but grew up in southern Spain. I have been doing art since I was very young but for the last few years I have been traveling and studying art at different universities in Poland and Brazil.

A few months ago I returned from a trip to Asia, where I was painting various murals and learning a little bit about the traditional art of India. I love being in nature, and this inspires me to create quite organic and loose works. Now I am living in Kansas city, working on my paintings and composing music with my partner in our band Roadkill Rising ( @roadkill.rising ).

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Sol Anzorena Artwork