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Multiple Steps for Peace

By Ron Faust

Once again we return

   To this site

      Of immense

         Destruction if

            The trigger parts

              Made here

                  Join a system

                     Of creating

                         A nuclear weapon

We already know

   The horrors of Hiroshima

      Killing 141,000

         On that fateful day

             Plus 74,000 more

                 In Nagasaki

                    Three days later

                       Lest we forget

Each one of us is like an ant

   Having the misfortune

      Of falling into a basin

         Scrambling around the edge

            Of the rising water

               Finally gripping the side

                  To plan an escape

                      When a big drip

                         Forms above its path

                             To cause its demise

A multitude of ants come

   From their construction site

      To the rescue

         Too late to save one ant

            But they move on

               Like us, builders

                  Of a peaceful


Peacemakers would have reasons

   To feel defeated

      If we thought

         We were insignificant

             Like an ant

               But a vision of peace

                    Keeps us going

We cross the line

   To raise the stakes

      In avoiding

          Total annihilation

             And seeing how close

                We can come

                    To the edge of the abyss

Building instruments of destruction

   Leads to prophecy

      Of spiritual death

          Which is not worth all

              The money in the world

 We can learn from ants

      How they can come back

          So too, equality with them

            Is a measure of justice

                More important

                    We can learn to live.

5/20/23  (On occasion in making our protest of drawing attention

 to the madness of building nuclear weapons at the KC National Security Campus

of the NNSA, the National Nuclear Security Administration)

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