Presenting a series of interviews with the artists showing in the 2020 PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair.

   Meet the artist here, peruse their artwork, then get in touch with them to find out more. Then please purchase or commission their artwork!

  • Haley Sellmeyer - Haley Sellmeyer is a painter using a variety of materials including acrylic, oils to Unicorn SPiT. Don’t ask. Well, no, DO ask. And it’s not just a figment of her imagination! She not only produces her own creations but works with other young people to encourage them in their own artistic paths, something sorely missing… Continue Reading
  • David Bayard - Today's artist is a woodworker, photographer and poet with a deep love of the natural world. In his alter ego at Skyboy Photos, he makes his greeting cards, books, calendars, prints and unique gift items available. Here is his story. ______________________________________ The David Bayard species ranges from the northern Boundary Waters to the Gulf Coast,… Continue Reading
  • Tate and Aaron Bezdek - Today's artist is in the plural ~ two brothers who became fired up about the creative possibilities of combining flame and silica to produce evocative glasswork. Along the way, they bring the glasswork of the distant past into the present! ____________________ At ages 21 and 25, brothers Tate and Aaron Bezdek are the youngest hot-glass… Continue Reading
  • Tarris Rosell - Today's artist sculpts pottery to fit the hand and eye. His function yet elegant creations enhance their surroundings and will soon become an indispensable part of the home. And he helps sustain our mutual home, the earth, with his charitable work.  Tarris Rosell of Amani Lamps & Pots tells us his story: ________  I am… Continue Reading
  • Susan Kiefer - Susan Kiefer of Kansas is our featured artist, who works in oil painting today, but may well explore something else equally exciting tomorrow! The work is evocative and soothing in its simplicity...but we'll let the artist speak. ________________ "Making things makes me happy—from paper dolls and dolls clothes in childhood, to costumes and scenery for… Continue Reading
  • Susan Ferguson - Today’s artist is Susan Ferguson,  a weaver and fiber artist creating  finely crafted meditative works that reflect a love of natural forms and colors. We think you’ll enjoy her work\ ____________ Weaving and the fiber arts have shown me a positive, meditative path to self-discovery, creativity and joy.  I work at the rigid heddle loom,… Continue Reading
  • Madonna Compton - Today we present Madonna Compton of Sophias Textile Arts. Here is a sample of her vibrant artwork. She tells her story: ____________        I make art in order to share my worldview and to make people happy.       I grew up in the Kansas City area and moved to the SF Bay where I wrote,… Continue Reading
  • Sol Anzorena - Sol Anzorena comes to us from Argentina, by way of the world! Her evocative and heartfelt work with art is rivalled only by her music. We're thrilled to have her here at the PeaceWorks KC Art Show for 2020! ____________ I was born in Argentina but grew up in southern Spain. I have been doing… Continue Reading
  • Christianne Bohannon - Today's artist is Christianne Bohannon, whose "artist's secret identity" is Artist KC. She presents uniquely individual portraits of the family members many of us prize the most, our two, four, and six-legged animal companions. Her art speaks for itself, but we also get to hear from the artist in her own words! ____________ A Kansas… Continue Reading
  • Rochelle Fields - Meet the Artist!    Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is an award-winning artist and author with numerous published short stories and several books to her name. She studied painting and lithography at the Kansas City Art Institute. After two years of disputing what was art and what wasn’t with her instructors, she dropped out. She spent the summer of… Continue Reading