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By Ron Faust

The demonic genie shattered the bottle

Unleashing uranium over acres and acres

Of mass extermination over Hiroshima

The genie would not disappear even now

Even with “Duck and Cover” rehearsals

Even declaring nuclear weapons illegal


The nuclear arsenal expanded exponentially

Enlarging arms a thousand times the A-Bomb

Giving a false sense of security for MADness

Ending in Mutually Assured Destruction

Feeding a culture of fear and war contractors

People seem numb to a secret death wish


We have found zones of mass extermination

A gun culture of one mass shooting per day

The availability of guns invokes impulsive acts

To reach for a gun indiscriminately out of anger

Setting on fire a massacre of human lives

Non-violence must stop this massacre! Enough!

5/27/21  (On occasion in responding to the link of nuclear weapons (a protest held on Memorial Day) and the nine-person shooting in San Jose)

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