Masks of Lies

Masks, Hatannr Kotobny, pexels-photo-3470618

By Ron Faust


The worse scare of Halloween is the deniers

Who wear their masks of deceit in public

Pretending to care for the down and outers

But actually protecting their greedy interests


They go around trick or treating for votes

By relying on corporate campaign profits

To support lies about the election, abortion,

And what they are going to do to benefits


They represent the wealthy and the military

They love a good fight and white superiority

Promoting division, inequality and racism

Most noxious is to win in any way possible


No problem if you see Jan. 6th as only patriotic

For you prefer authoritarianism over democracy

Blaming the different rather than dishonesty

Setting aside norms letting the truth set us free



I try to cope with a yard full of crazy leaves

Flying around ready to be mulched and raked

The problem of society is to make it less crazy

Disarming the lies and raising healthy people.

10/31/22   (On occasion of wondering how the fantasy of Halloween elevates fear and violence carrying over into our ethical behavior)

Ron Faust is a former member of the PeaceWorks KC Board of Directors.

(c) 2022, Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.


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