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Least of These

By Ron Faust

At a baseball game I high-fived

A Big Pharma dude who maligned

Those who got a free medical pass

And how he needed to make a living

Health care for all was not his interest

Too bad 50 million have medical debt

Plunging themselves into desperate poverty

Skipping the high cost of medical attention

Another case of disparity was press coverage

Of a white sub imploding 5 Titanic explorers

While no rescue was made of 700 immigrants

Fleeing war and poverty for a better life

Life is unfair especially for the poor

Where helpless humans die anonymously

And the greedy prevail and are noticed

Who will stand up for the least of these?

6/21/23  (On occasion of seeking advocacy for those who are in desperate circumstances and need to be rescued)

—Ron Faust, a retired minister in the Disciples of Christ, is the author of such books as Poems Rising to the Occasion: Sweep from Insurrection to January 6 Hearings, Percolating Poetry, Unprecedented, and Poems for Lonely Prophets. The artwork is at

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