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Hidden Truth

By Ron Faust

What bothers me more:

   The white Christian nationalists

    Or the legalists who play “gotcha” politics

In Trump you get a combo distaste

   For followers who are unabashedly loyal

   No matter what is counterproductive

   They will be racist, superior and exceptional

   Driven by a patriotic zeal for America first

Those who have a poor assessment of themselves

   May like to bolster their image by untruths

   Thinking themselves higher than they actually are

   They will delve on the nonessentials, the trivial

   And be unable to discern what is essential

We used to have a saying,

   In essentials, unity

   In nonessentials, liberty

   In all things, charity

      Somehow we are missing the third thing

      Losing sight of love in all things.

12/11/23   (On  occasion when our weapons are too strong to use on enemies. The hidden truth is the inability to critique our nation, and only then we will begin to be closer to the truth.) Ron Faust is a former PeaceWorks Board member. (c) 2023, Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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