Here’s an arresting idea to make your next Memorial Day more memorable …

"Follow Me," drawing by Mark Bartholomew

By Jim Hannah

Sign-up has already begun for persons willing to risk arrest next Memorial Day for “crossing the line” in nonviolent civil disobedience at the new nuclear weapons plant in south Kansas City. 

Three peace witnesses from Europe plan to join the resistance, in company with local PWKC repeat arrestees Lu Mountenay and Jim Hannah. About 130 arrests have been made at the old plant or the new one, the National Security Campus, since 2010. With the line-crossing considered a city ordinance violation, the charges have either been dismissed or have resulted in fines up to $250 and/or community service up to 75 hours, plus monitoring fees. 

The rally memorializes workers made fatally ill by contaminants at the old Bannister Road nuclear weapons plant and protests the ongoing existential threat of nuclear weapon parts being crafted at the new plant and possibly causing the end of all life on Earth. 

Would you like to take your stand alongside other peace witnesses for a nuclear weapons-free world? Contact Henry Stoever at 913-375-0045 or for more information, or to express your interest. 

Whether you risk arrest, or stand in support of those who do, here’s the date to put in your calendar, with more information to follow: Memorial Day, Monday, May 27.

Man hanging origame peace cranes.