Help wanted preparing for KKFI special August 13 on election integrity: voter fraud, voter suppression, gerrymandering

Kobach voter supression
The Kansas Documentary Proof of Citizenship law was designed to protect election integrity threatened by 39 noncitizens, who registered to vote. To achieve that, it disenfranchised 31,098 citizens, 12.4% of those who applied for registration before the courts overturned DPOC.
Might you have time to write to any candidate for public office this year in Missouri or Kansas, asking them for their thoughts about the relative magnitudes of threats to “Election integrity:  Voter fraud, voter suppression and gerrymandering”?  Ask them to send comments optionally with an audio or video recording to Spencer (dot) Graves (at) EffectiveDefense (dot) org.
All comments received by August 11 will be posted to the web page for that broadcast.  That program will contain prerecorded material and a panel discussion.  Voice or video submissions will be considered, time permitting.  We might accept one or two more people on our panel.
I believe that even the so-called liberal media would offend major advertisers if they gave serious air time to the evidence for and
against Mr. Trump’s claims that voter fraud, including with vote-by-mail, is massive.  The best review I know of the evidence on voter fraud is the “Findings of fact and conclusions of law in Fish v. Kobach” by Judge Robinson, who was appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush, a Republican:  She found, in brief, that Mr. Kobach was able to document 39 cases of non-citizens registering to vote, while the Kansas Documentary Proof of Citizenship (DPOC) rejected the applications to register to vote of 31,098 citizens, 12.4% of applications while the DPOC law was in effect.  If supporters of DPOC and Missouri’s requirements that absentee ballots be notarized except in special cases, have substantive evidence contradicting Judge Robinson’s rulings, I want
to know.
Spencer Graves
p.s.  I’ve already written to Missouri Governor Parson, Lieutenant Governor
Kehoe, Secretary of State Ashcroft, Attorney General Schmitt, and
Auditor Galloway, but I think it would be great if others sent similar requests
to them.

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