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‘Halt imminence of nuclear war’

Jan. 16, 2023, Martin Luther King Day

Dear President Biden,

  1. First-Degree Murder is in the making, for nuclear weapons will be the end of all of us. See the article in the October 20, 2022, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists by Francois Diaz-Maurin, “How a Nuclear War Would Kill You and Almost Everyone Else,” which states if a global all-out nuclear war occurs, at a minimum 360 million persons would suffer a quick death, and over 5 billion persons would be dead in two years. There is nowhere to hide, and nearly everyone may face starvation.
  2. Grand Theft has already occurred. The trillions of dollars that have already been spent on military hardware is a theft of all resources that the peoples of the world need for even basic care. President Dwight Eisenhower gave a most powerful statement to this effect while in office. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., saw how the Vietnam War drained vital resources from the programs that President Lyndon Johnson had sought to provide.
  3. Violation of all basic Human Rights: In 1948, the world signed the Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations. That document sets forth principles against genocide, and supports so many human rights. I urge you to read that document.
  4. Violation of God’s world: We have usurped all gifts that a Divine Creator has given us. We have made a mockery of the holy, in this demonic quest for power. By our production and deployment of nuclear weapons, we have already expressed an intent to kill humankind.
  5. Exercise your Presidential Power to call for an immediate cessation of all manufacturing, deployment and targeting of all our nuclear weapons. President Abe Lincoln used his presidential power to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and take control of legal powers. President John F. Kennedy alone went against all of the generals and hawks in refusing to issue orders to bomb Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. You have the power to stop this madness by freezing these weapons of mass destruction in their place.
  6. Use your better angels to call a halt to the imminence of nuclear war. The peoples of the world will join you in enforcing the peace. The peoples of the world will know that this is a necessary step to take us back from living on death row, back from the brink of facing certain death. You will be vilified by some, but your actions will be deemed necessary.


Henry M. Stoever, co-chair of PeaceWorks Kansas City, (913) 375-0045,

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