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Get glimpses of PeaceWorks’ 3/1 Annual Meeting


The PeaceWorks-KC Annual Meeting was rich with meaning and memories. Enjoy the slide show and podcast from our gathering!

Dave Pack gave a financial summary of PeaceWorks’ last 15 months, noting that our annual fundraiser, the UNplaza Art Fair, was hit by storms and brought in far less than usual income. Henry Stoever recalled the organization’s recent achievements. Stoever (as defense attorney) and defendants played themselves during “Putting Nukes on Trial in KC.” This new play relives the Nov. 1, 2019, trial of 15 property-line-crossers at the KC, MO, National Security Campus, where non-nuclear parts are made for US nuclear weapons. The play featured Sahj Kaya as prosecuting attorney and Tammy Brown as judge.

—Photos by Jim Hannah. Also listen to the play “Putting Nukes on Trial in KC” as a podcast at thanks to Spencer Graves, Nehemiah Rosell, and Susan Sarachek.

Man hanging origame peace cranes.