Fr. Carl Kabat’s 7th annual Interdependence Day action at new nuclear weapons plant


In keeping with the tradition of Interdependence Day, the recognition of our need for each other as well as the impact of our actions on others, Fr Carl Kabat, 83, took action on July 4 at the Kansas City National Security Campus. Carl’s attempt to incarnate the destructiveness of nuclear weapons by symbolically pouring red paint on the National Nuclear Security Administration sign was thwarted by employees of Honeywell. After 5 years of annual actions on Interdependence Day, Kabat witnessed security personnel at all of the entrances to the facility for the 1st time. Despite the heavy rainfall and security presence, Kabat opted for the bike path in his single-minded pursuit of nuclear disarmament. Further down the path Fr Kabat was met by additional security personnel who prevented him getting any closer to the facility that is responsible for the production of 85% of the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons. Carl was charged with trespassing and released. He was issued a court appearance for August 8th.

After spending 18 years in prison over the past three decades, Kabat remains committed to this pursuit of nuclear disarmament 110%. He insists nuclear weapons are insane, not him.

Photo: Carl Kabat, April 2015, outside federal court in Kansas City, Mo. Photo by Lu Mountenay.

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