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Election results

Participants in the PeaceWorks KC Annual Meeting elected leaders March 3, 2024.
Tommy Indigo, at right, serves as emcee of the PeaceWorks KC Annual Meeting.—Photo by Kriss Avery
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As a retiring Board member, Jon Shafer displays the certificate of appreciation he has just received from Dave Pack, left.–Photo by Kriss Avery

Welcome, Tommy Indigo, to chairing PeaceWorks KC! Tommy and others were elected to leadership roles during the March 3 PeaceWorks Annual Meeting. Tommy, who’s been on the PeaceWorks Board for 1 year and is new to the Executive Committee, mentioned during the meeting that he’s been a political activist for more than 10 years. Here are the election results.

PeaceWorks Board’s Executive Committee 

Chair Tommy Indigo

1st Vice Chair Cris Mann

2nd Vice Chair Ann Suellentrop

Treasurer Dave Pack

Secretary Spencer Graves

Renewing Terms as PeaceWorks Directors

Mary Hladky

Christopher Overfelt

Kristin Scheer

Notes: The term for Board Members is two years, and the term for the Executive Committee is only one year. Persons who are just entering their second year as Board Members (not needing to be re-elected this year) are Breanna Crawford, Debora Demeter, Kimmy Igla, and Henry Stoever. The Nominating Committee consists of Mary Hladky and Ann Suellentrop. The Board is deeply grateful for the service of Charles Carney and Jon Shafer, who recently retired from the Board. (c) 2024, PeaceWorks Kansas City, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License. 


Man hanging origame peace cranes.