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Creating a Climate Change of Peace

By Ronald L. Faust

invasive fear tips your equilibrium off-center
until your nerves ache at their endings

nuclear alarms push humanity close to the edge
close to going down with the mother ship

a troubled nation shrivels up into a fetal position
and fails to think progress only violence

once recalling Earth Day when people cared
about not destroying about nurturing the earth

where there were more important distractions
than money, militarism, making entertainment

where humanity could create a climate of peace
and resist all the temptations to destroy itself

whereby it was no longer fun to tolerate violence
and more fun to plant seeds of love –

because deniers of climate change destroy tomorrows
while we grow into tomorrow by planting seeds of Peace.

(On occasion of observing Planting Seeds of Peace, the PeaceWorks event of 4/22/17, as a take-off on the motto, “Resist the Climate of Fear and Create a Climate of Peace”)

Man hanging origame peace cranes.