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By Ron Faust

Frozen in time
Ugly cold pictures
   of the Insurrection
   by coo-coo haters  
   of the government
Split into opposing sides
   Precariously at war
   One trying to save it
   Another destroying it
It’s been a threatening year
Nothing has much changed
   We live with a viral reality
   Civil discourse is rare
   Perpetrators of lies persist
   Democracy is jeopardized
Unless we build back better
   Work on common ground
   See a vision for racial justice
   Turn our violence into peace
   Try to save our only planet
   Be honest about our ideas
Tolerating coo-coup sides
   Even loving one another
   But a love like justice
   To rid the hypocrisy of lies
   About the denial of J6
   To restore our democracy
   Instead of being Coo-Coup-ers.

 1/6/22  (On occasion of the one-year anniversary of the coup to overthrow the USA on [J6] Jan. 6, 2021)

©2022 Ron Faust, Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License

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