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Choking Racism

It was so visible, so wrong

In contrast to the death snarl

Of an invisible pandemic attack

When an officer pressed the wind pipe

Of George Floyd to his death

Even after he pleaded, “I can’t breathe”

Which took the whole world’s breath away

Suffocating from the choke hold of racism

Past its “ad nauseam” finality of endurance

When another modern day lynching

Brought out huge protests turning violent

Pleading for relief from society’s nemesis

Ignoring the ethics of “love your neighbor”

And the hate for groups based on our skin

Please, can’t we move on. Enough already!

If we are to make America great again

We have to refocus our worries on survival

By worrying about Climate Change and

The devastation of a nuclear holocaust

No longer can we survive on ”petty” violence

By proving ourselves superior to another

By enslaving property and lying to ourselves

We need the protest voices that erase hypocrisy

And embrace a higher calling for peace and

Justice by burying racism in the ugly past.

5/31/20 by Ron Faust  (On occasion when a white police officer Derek Chauvin and three accomplices choked George Floyd in Minneapolis and set off a conflagration of disturbances around a pandemic-stricken nation)

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