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Chasing Hope

By Ron Faust


The scab of a wounded nation

Is being peeled off deliberately

Leaving a scar as an ugly reminder

That we are flawed and imperfect


The stark reality of a death wish

Makes lonely trees look brittle and cold

During the final gasps of four years

When the pandemic rampages over life


Contested elections and five executions

Reveal a fragile atmosphere of violence

In the entertainment before Inauguration

Before an administration begins to be well


Now is the time to do something —

Much easier when talking to core values

Like people with peace, justice, ecology,

Openness, authenticity, love in their lives

More difficult with those entrenched in

Right wing conspiracy theories, literalism,

Hypocrisy, control through patriotism


Warming the transition are colored lights

Hung on trees inside homes shining through

The doubts and fears of a shivering nation

While outside squirrels chase hope around.



(On occasion of an Amy Goodman report that the Trump administration has allowed the schedule of five executions, mostly black and one woman, before going out of office, which has not occurred in 100 years, signaling its propensity for violence; it had ordered seven other executions earlier in 2020.)

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