People wait to give testimony to the Unified Government Board of Commissioners Feb. 10. Many wore yellow, signifying support for the “Safe and Welcoming” ordinance.—Photo by Ann Suellentrop

Unified Government of WyCo & KCK passes Safe & Welcoming law

The Safe and Welcoming city law allows undocumented residents to obtain a city ID in Kansas City, Kan., and provides that, unless there is a threat of danger to the public, law enforcement will not report or investigate the immigration status of a person.

Tyrone Garner (now mayor) and Yazmin Bruno-Valdez campaign for a “Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte.”—Photos courtesy of Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity (in Kansas City, KS)

Lending a hand to make Wyandotte County “Safe and Welcoming”

A coalition of advocates has sought passage of a “Safe and Welcoming” ordinance in Wyandotte County, KS, for 5 years. David Johnson of the coalition recalled, “There were a few times we thought about throwing in the towel.” The proposed ordinance may come to the Unified Government Board of Commissioners Feb. 10. 

Speaking to PeaceWorks March 1, 2020, Bette Tate-Beaver says of her work to bring groups to visit educators and students in other countries, “If we come to care about people who are like us in different spaces, it’s kind of hard to hate.”—Photos by Jim Hannah

Bette Tate-Beaver died Aug. 29

Bette Tate-Beaver, an international leader in social work and education, died of cancer Aug. 29. Through her lifetime, she fostered the beloved community envisioned by Martin Luther King Jr.