Speaking to PeaceWorks March 1, 2020, Bette Tate-Beaver says of her work to bring groups to visit educators and students in other countries, “If we come to care about people who are like us in different spaces, it’s kind of hard to hate.”—Photos by Jim Hannah

Bette Tate-Beaver died Aug. 29

Bette Tate-Beaver, an international leader in social work and education, died of cancer Aug. 29. Through her lifetime, she fostered the beloved community envisioned by Martin Luther King Jr.

Ashes after 1921 Tulsa race massacre vs. 1963 March on Washingtion public domain from Wikimedia Commons

Tulsa, Algeria, King, Gandhi

When African American World War I veterans with guns approached a white mob in 1921, the whites responded with massive violence. Over 30 years later, Martin Luther King, Jr., led a nonviolent movement that succeeded in expanding voting rights and open accommodations. Similarly, in the violent Algerian struggle for independence from France, 1954-1962, roughly a million out of 11 million were killed. By contrast, only a few thousand out of 350 million were killed during the nonviolent struggle for independence in India. India since has proudly been the world's largest democracy, while Algeria has struggled with autocracy and anocracy.

Charles Carney, at a PeaceWorks rally on Memorial Day in 2020, holds out hope, saying, "We're all part of this world-wide yearning for peace!"--Photo by Jim Hannah

2022 ‘Peace Is the Way’ walk, Wichita-KC

The “Peace Is the Way” walk through Kansas next year … is a walk away from the addiction of violence and fossil fuels to honoring and listening to Mother Earth. It is a walk to expand our consciousness into the reality that nuclear weapons are illegal! It is a walk to seek humility and to hear the stories of First Nation Peoples and people who were forced onto this land into the violence of slavery.