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Annual events sponsored by PeaceWorks KC include (a) our Memorial Day protest of the making of parts for nuclear weapons at the Kansas City National Security Campus, (b) our Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance, and (c) recently, our Poets for Peace show in tandem with Poetic Underground KC. We also hold an annual membership meeting in early March.

2024 PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair

September 21, 2024 

10:00 am

- September 22, 2024

- 5:00 pm

Theis Park 

This year's fair will be 9/21-22 in Theis Park, and artists may register now.

Past Events

Reflections from Memorial Day gathering

“The more we educate ourselves and each other, the stronger the anti-nuclear movement grows!” says Kimmy Igla, reflecting on our high-energy Memorial Day gathering.

Sorrow and hope at heart of Memorial Day remembrance

PeaceWorks KC held its 13th annual Memorial Day event this year at the KC National Security Campus. Some 63 of us gathered to march, mourn, and rally to object to the nuclear weapons production work at NSC.

5/29 walk, rally, line-crossing, picnic for peace!

May 29, 2023 

11:00 am

Prospect and Mo. Hwy. 150, south of Grandview 

This Memorial Day, Monday, 5/29, PeaceWorks KC holds its 13th annual witness against the making of parts for nuclear weapons in KCMO.

Seek a world free of nukes 5/29

May 29, 2023 

11:00 am

- 1:00 pm

14510 Botts Rd., KC MO, with parking on Prospect near Mo. Hwy. 150 

Come on out on Memorial Day to the KC MO National Security Campus (NSC), where parts for nuclear weapons are made and procured.

Poets for Peace — a collaborative annual showcase

Blip Roasters, 1301 Woodswether Road, KC MO 64105, in the West Bottoms 

Poets for Peace is a collaborative benefit showcase for PeaceWorks KC hosted by Poetic Underground.

PW Annual Meeting pictures by Kriss Avery

March 5, 2023 

3:00 pm

- 5:00 pm

PW Annual Meeting pictures by Jim Hannah

March 5, 2023 

3:00 pm

- 5:00 pm

PeaceWorks Annual Meeting honors Alvin Brooks and Miracle of Innocence

March 5, 2023 

Together again! PeaceWorks KC held its annual meeting in person with a full house of happy members and guests.

Photos depict last 12 months

March 5, 2023 

A strong, effective national defense, and 300 million three-year-olds

Connell (2023) and Mueller (2021) on how US government policies threaten US national security

March 14, 2023 

Meet Alvin Brooks, Darryl Burton at Annual Meeting

March 5, 2023 

2:00 pm

- 4:00 pm

Two inspiring activists will receive awards at the PeaceWorks KC Annual Meeting: Alvin Brooks, beloved activist who has devoted his life to improving our community, and Darryl Burton, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 24 years and is a co-founder of Miracle of Innocence.

Jay Coghlan in video: ‘Let us … rid this world of nuclear weapons’

Jay Coghlan, in a video for PeaceWorks-KC in early August, fired away at KC’s nuclear weapon production plant. He challenged, “let us unite in a moral and political effort to rid this world of nuclear weapons and to use the sad occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing to begin just that very work.”
Man hanging origame peace cranes.