“I have had the privilege of visiting Afghanistan seven times between 2010 and 2019,” says Brian Terrell, “and have seen the city of Kabul each time more fetid and packed more tightly beyond its capacities with internal refugees from the twin and codependent terrors of the Taliban and US drone strikes.”

Brian Terrell, at entry to Whiteman AFB, denounces drone warfare

War is never the way to peace and the war always comes home. Advances in nuclear weapons technology and proliferation of drones as a cheaper, more politically safe way to wage war only makes those wars more deadly and more intractable than before.

Diane Charity and Jude Granados (son of KC Tenants co-founder Brandy Granados) in March 2019 at the first rally at City Hall for the Tenant’s Bill of Rights.—Photos courtesy of Diane Charity

Cheatum Community Peace Award goes to KC Tenants

“We are humbled!” said Diane Charity, accepting an award for KC Tenants at PeaceWorks’ Annual Meeting March 6. She thanked PeaceWorks and spoke of the group she helped found: “KC Tenants wants to ensure everyone has an affordable home. Many of our people are priced out of a home.”

Benjamin, left, and Aysenur hold up the signature poster for their movement at last year's rally.--Photos courtesy of the Kansas City chapter of Advocates for Silenced Turkey.

New site: Advocates for Silenced Turkey host International Women’s Day event 3/12

Reports from Turkey say pregnant women are being jailed and then have their babies in prison. The event—at 1-2 pm at 4405 Gillham Road—highlights women’s suffering in Turkey and throughout the world, and holds out hope locally through women’s empowerment.

Christian Brother Louis Rodemann is handcuffed on May 31, 2021, Memorial Day, arrested for his 4th line-crossing at the KC MO nuke-parts plant.—Photo by Tom Fox

‘I cannot NOT resist the immorality’ of producing weapons of war

Brother Louis, at his trial Feb. 18, called for following the vow of nonviolence, including this passage, “by working nonviolently to abolish war, the weapons of war, and the causes of war from my own heart and from the face of the Earth.”