Charles Carney, left, laughs at Henry Stoever, who’s asking whether Charles might put on roller skates and ride tied to the back of a car for his last 60 Peace Walk miles. They were joshing outside El Mezcal restaurant in Ottawa, KS, Sept. 9, before walking 3 miles toward Pleasant Grove.—Photo by Jane Stoever

Charles Carney, on Peace Walk 9/9, plans to arrive in KC MO 9/17

 On Aug. 10, Charles began walking 5-6 miles a day. Now he has only 60 miles left to make it to his destination: the National Security Campus (NSC), where nuclear weapon parts are made, at 14510 Botts Rd., KC MO. All are invited to join the last days of his trek or meet us at 3 pm at NSC.

How terrorist groups end
Jones & Libicki (2008, RAND) identified 268 terrorist groups that ended between 1968 and 2006 and described how they ended.

How the US could have won in Afghanistan and elsewhere

There is substantial evidence that US military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere since 2001 would likely have had much more positive results with (1) Rule of law, (2) Community policing, and (3) Substantive subsidies for a free, adversarial press with a firewall that substantially eliminated the ability of government or corporate bureaucrats to interfere in the content.