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Calling all artists! Apply to our art fair!

“Vic,” oil on canvas paper, 9” x 12” —Photos courtesy of Terri Pollack
“Marissa,” oil on canvas, 18” x 14”

By Kristin Scheer
Registration for the PeaceWorks Kansas City Local Art Fair, Sept. 21-22, has
begun. We are excited to introduce artist Terri Pollack. She is new to our fair and
looks forward to the exposure and networking opportunities it will bring. “I like
color and line,” she says. “And I do commissions for anyone wanting a portrait.”
Check out Terri’s website at Her social media links
are @terrikpollack and
Kansas City is full of talented artists and creative souls. This will be our 33rd year
presenting this popular event showcasing local artists. Artists tell us they like our
fair because they keep a generous amount of what they produce. Once the fair is
paid for, the rest funds the good work PeaceWorks KC does to promote peace and
resist war all year.
Artists can register on our website, We are
taking registrations now till Aug. 30. Concerning the fair, “It will be good,” Terri
says. “I’m looking forward to working with you all.”
—Kristin Scheer, a former Greenpeace activist, serves on the PeaceWorks KC
Board. © 2024, Kristin Scheer, Terri Pollack, Creative Commons Attribution
Share-Alike 4.0 International License

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Registration for 2024 PWKC Local Art Fair has begun. We welcome Terri Pollack as a new artist to our fair.
This year's fair will be 9/21-22 in Theis Park, and artists may register now.
Our 32nd annual PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair was inundated with rain on Saturday, Sept. 23, keeping patrons away, but Sunday, Sept. 24, was perfectly glorious.
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The PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair is a fundraiser for PeaceWorks Kansas City, a non-profit all volunteer organization promoting peace and justice.
Artists and volunteers, please apply or sign up for the 2023 PeaceWorks KC Local Art Fair, our 32nd art fair. Artists, apply by Aug. 31; volunteers, go online to offer to be cashiers, drivers, monitors of the premises, and helpers for set-up and tear-down.
In support of our fellow local activists, PeaceWorks extended an invitation to table at the art fair Sept. 24-25.
PeaceWorks photographer Jim Hannah took pictures of the artists at the Sept. 24-25 fair. "In a world of so much brokenness and ugliness, it is vital to honor artists and their art," says Jim.
Being a clay artist is also a lesson in mortality. I am reminded at the wheel that virtually everything I create in the studio will outlast me, its creator, by hundreds of years. Maybe millennia.
Man hanging origame peace cranes.