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Can Do

I am what I am

   Stricken by a pang in the leg

   Halted in my march to a higher calling

   Tired by people who can’t get along

I rest in the journey to remember John Lewis

   Who shared his limitations of being a creature

   Beaten down and struck for being black

   Rising up to a vision of a common humanity

I join him in the protest against forces of evil

  Those who make money off weapons to kill

  Nationalists who promote systemic racism

  Anyone who likes militarism and nuclear bombs

I am nothing against the bullies of the world

   Except a person who searches for a higher truth

   By writing a few lines of prophetic poetry

   Trying to be honest about what I say and can do.


7/31/20 by Ron Faust

(On occasion of recognizing my limitations in what I can do, but I can write something even if it falls on deaf ears. I was moved by the eulogy of John Lewis on July30, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.)

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