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A Call to Live Nuclear Free

AAA Ron Faust

We’ve heard the clarion calls before

Lest we forget

Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech

“Beyond Vietnam” a year before

Going to the Biblical Mountain top

On April 4, 1968

Shots heard around the world

Assassinating our prophets

To make them silent for that

Which makes us uncomfortable

Reminding us

That hate will consume us through violence

But it’s not even that, violence vs nonviolence

It has to do with our extinction as a human race

Black Lives Matter filled our streets with protests

That overzealous police indiscriminately target

Blacks and Browns in law and order campaigns

Pointing to a rampant problem of white superiority

And then we saw it

A coup attempted to overthrow the government

Mainly a white mob trying to reverse an election

Violent, forceful, striking Capitol Police with flags

Unmasked, they spread Pandemic-like terrorism

The prophet called for a new set of values

Actually a revisiting of peace, justice and ecology

Based on truth, honesty and love

Requiring a different atmosphere

Banning nuclear weapons for human survival

This is where ICAN’s treaty comes just in time

   To make all nuclear weapons illegal

   Agreed upon by an international community

   Of nations to create life and forestall death

   To breathe in hope and breathe out a future

For our grandchildren and for all human races.

—By Ron Faust  (On occasion of a celebration in Kansas City Jan. 22, 2021, to acknowledge a treaty of over 50 nations to ban nuclear weapons)

Man hanging origame peace cranes.