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5 KC activists to lobby during DC Days

By Kristin Scheer

Our Kansas City 2023 delegation to the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability’s DC Days has grown to 5. Kimmy Igla, Rose Roos, Luisa Olarte, and I will join Ann Suellentrop, long-time PeaceWorks KC Board member and past ANA president, for this grassroots lobbying event April 23-26 in Washington, DC.

PeaceWorks belongs to ANA, a network of over 30 organizations—local, regional, and national groups concerned about the consequences of US nuclear policies and working to promote peace, human health, and the environment. ANA tackles issues of nuclear weapons research, testing, and production as well as radioactive waste storage and cleanup.

Ann Suellentrop, ready to head to DC.–Photo courtesy of Ann Suellentrop

ANA has hosted DC Days for over 30 years. “It is 4 days of training, education, and political advocacy that brings grassroots activists from around the country to Washington, DC, to promote their concerns,” says the ANA website. This training-and-lobbying will be the group’s first in-person event after 2 years of virtual DC Days.

“I’m going to educate myself, and use my voice for good,” says Kimmy Igla, new to the Board of PeaceWorks. “This event will surely further our reach and collaboration opportunities with like-minded people.”

Ann Suellentrop says, “We are going to lead the leaders.”

Now that’s the kind of leadership I can get behind.

—Kristin Scheer is an environmental activist and PeaceWorks Board member.


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