Join PeaceWorks-KC in the annual Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance on Sunday, Aug. 4. We begin at 6:30 pm with potluck and have our program at 7:30 pm at the south end of the Lagoon in Loose Park, just west of Wornall Road and 53rd Street in KC, MO. In our mourning and our hope, we share supper, hang peace cranes from the trees, ring a gong for each year since 1945, meditate, hear speakers, and sing. For info, contact Henry Stoever (an All Souls member), 913-375-0045,

In addition, things are cookin’ in court that week. At 1:30pm Wed., Aug. 7, one or more of the 17 who crossed the property line at the new nuke-parts plant May 27, calling for a nuke-free world, may plead guilty and be sentenced (most likely to many hours of community service and a hefty fine). Join PeaceWorks at 12:30pm in sharing reflections at the courthouse entry, 511 E. 11th St., and then go to Courtroom F for the 1:30pm hearing and possible sentencing. FYI, most of the 17 may plead not guilty and come to trial weeks or months later.